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2021 Twin Cities Kettlebell Open


THANK YOU to everyone who participated our first annual competition here in the Twin Cities and online. 

This weekend was about so much more than just kettlebell sport. It was more about the people, and the relationships we've forged in the craziness and trying times of a global pandemic, and I am grateful to each and every one of you for being a part of this community.  

Photos from the event can be found here:


2021 Twin Cities Kettlebell Open Photos


Special thanks to This Fellow Productions & Eric St-Onge for photographing the event!!!



There were some truly EPIC performances this year, too many to list here, however, we can list the WINNERS of the CASH prizes for best overall coefficient (total weight lifted/bodyweight);


1st ($150)- Andrea Lavoie, 169.76 

2nd ($100)- Carter Berry, 156.41



3rd ($50)- Sarah Fornero, 131.34






Congratulations to you three on your incredible performances!!!


We also raffled off the prizes live in person at the competition with all registered attendees being eligible (except for the maces, due to shipping costs that was "must be present to win"), and many of our virtual competitors took home some swag! I will be getting all the winners details on how they can redeem their prizes from the respective sponsor. Congratulations!!!


Bellevator Lifting Belt

  1. Jaclyn Anne-Sacks

  2. Tony Dyrek


Plate Loadable Mace by Cambron Customs 

  1. Steve Riddle

  2. Tim Harting


Ursus training shoes by Bearfoot Athletics

  1. Carter Berry

  2. Sarah Fornero

  3. Emily Johnson

  4. Arejas Uzgi

  5. Anora O'Connor

  6. Mike Weiss 


Thank you again to our amazing sponsors, Bellevator, Bearfoot Athletics, 27 Degrees, Cambron Customs, Pro Kettlebell, Gaspari Nutrition, and a special thanks to The Athlete Lab for hosting us!


More event photos:

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